Fabulous Dinner in Desert



Individuals who are not intrigued by rise bushing but rather are sharp in having an ordeal of leave, need to spend a few snapshots of their lives in betray, supper in forsake is the best alternative for them. To taste all the Arab culture and exercises, you should simply to do a reservation of supper in the betray visit; the lines are open from night and night. You don’t have to trouble anyone we will give you pick and drop administrations from our visit agent. They will get you from your country and will straightforwardly drop you to the campground. There is an exciting welcome at Dubai desert, a camel ride, the forsake will be improved with tents and you can likewise have a great time by tasting the delightful Arabian blend espresso and distribute more to do with enhanced shisha’s smoking office.

You can do BBQ Dinner in desert camp


BBQ supper in the abandon Dubai is a total forsake involvement in itself. We offer our visitors an agreeable forsake safari with supper in the abandon camp alongside other leave safari attractions. The red sand hills of Dubai are among the best



vacation spots in this forsake city and furthermore a standout amongst other things you can do while traveling.

Ensemble of the most remarkable and captivating encounters, our leave safari with BBQ supper in the camp is ideal for a quiet and peaceful abandon encounter searcher.

Dinner in Desert dubai

Abandon supper with Dream night tours is a complete and unwinding knowledge for eating out darlings. Taking off of the clamor of emirate, heading towards the mystical abandon you will appreciate having BBQ cum mainland buffet supper, camel riding, Tanura move, hip twirl, shisha and henna Painting. A noteworthy eating out involvement with your friends and family, or to astound your friends and family by removing them from man-made extravagances to the normal brilliant sand leave.


Individuals who visit Dubai don’t miss this energizing and engaging visit which resembles an exciting ride in sand hills. On the off chance that you wish, Greenland Tourism agents even offer picking choice from your area put at or around 5 pm and drop you to the campground where you would first be able to appreciate an exciting camel ride. Legitimate tent office is offered in this camp for add up to comfort of guests where you feel glad getting a charge out of the tasty Arabian blend – Coffee or enhanced shisha smoking to warm up yourselves.

 Offer includes with dinner in desert dubai



  • BBQ cum Buffet Dinner
  • Camel Riding
  • Soda pop, Arabic tea and Coffee
  • Hanna Painting
  • Shisha (Hubbly Bubbly)
  • Multi area get and drop back on situate sharing premise