Interstellar Travel And The Secret Of Interstellar Research

Going to the next star system closest to us is a powerful dream and it’s just as strong a dream as going to the moon or planets. Going to other planets takes teamwork and so does going to our next closest star neighbor. There are many creative ideas for interstellar travel such as going light speed but there’s enough knowledge gained from high energy particle physics by accelerating even a single atom of mass to let us know that reaching light speed isn’t possible. The matters of black holes and worm holes is based on a distorted view of relativity and general relativity. Gravity is a repulsive force not an attractive force.

There’s a way to study the universe and using light and gravity aren’t the only ways. The near and far future is something none of us know and no one can say what discoveries may await. Even if something is an impossibility with a system as a whole there could be a partial aspect of that same system that gives rise to another possibility. There are about 25 means humans have thought up in 65 years for star travel. There may be several which are useful or workable and the rest imaginary but they must be included and nothing thrown away or belittled because they may have potential for discovery in the future.

Many things in fact are possible but the secret of interstellar research is that it must continue. Such as waiting to receive signals from extraterrestrials is a noble cause in the sense of Astronomy. What frequencies are these alien people on and what communication patterns for their language do they use. We are sending out millions of frequencies and signal patterns and we have been sending out high frequencies with our mass medias before 1950. That’s over 60 years. Which means our oldest signals have already reached and are reaching other stars well over 60 light years away at present.

We’re doing research on spaceships to carry humans to other stars. Sending living beings on a decades long journey has moral consequences and is in fact physical suicide for humans. This is fine for a hollywood movie but suicide actually. Along with this is using ‘transporter beams’ which decompose all atoms into electromagnetic waves with information in the waves so that when the waves reach their destination at an exact point it recompose into atoms and the original system without a machine to help recompose it at its’ destination point. The same mechanism that matter-antimatter uses to decompose each other would be needed and then to focus it into a beam.

The main thing above all things is that the energy, mass, speeds, and processes that this universe is are of true laws and all of them are inviolable or can’t be violated. It won’t change to fit our imagination. We know as of today about 90% of what’s possible and impossible and the keyword is ‘know’. Most of the 25 or so methods for star travel devised so far are the stuff of science fiction. Still we must find out what can or can’t be done and research is mandatory. We should accomplish star travel within 10 years or about 2022. The secret of interstellar research is that the state of the art has produced a single system that can send 2-15 milligrams 25,000 miles per second in the isolation of space called ‘The Johnson Rail’.