Wonderful Places To Visit Along Adventure Sailing In Komodo Islands



Adventure sailing in komodo islands will become wonderful journey if you travel to Indonesia. Many people will love adventure when their travel or on vacation. For people who love to adventure, Indonesia is the right destination for you. This country has many places as paradise for traveler. Many places with beautiful natural scenery await your visit. The most famous paradise in this country is Kuta Beach, Bali. The beach paradise with beautiful beach and beautiful local culture. In this country, beside Kuta Beach in Bali, the other paradise you can visit is komodo islands, which also place with many beautiful scenery for adventure.

When you come to komodo islands, there are many ways you can choose to live your adventure. In this island, you can do adventure with tracking along beautiful forest to reach beautiful tour destinations. If you like more thriling adventure, you can also track komodo lizard and get in touch with this rare creatures. Or if you like more classic adventure, sailing around komodo island will be the right choice for you. If you choose to sailing for adventure in komodo island, you can visit some of this following places to get more exciting Adventure sailing in komodo islands journey experience.

  • Komodo Island

Komodo island is the home for komodo lizard, a prehistoric lizard species that still live until now. The komodo island is the habitat or komodo lizar with more than 2.000 populations being conserve in this island. If you come to komodo island, you can go to komodo conservation for tracking this giant lizard and observe this wonderful creatures closely.

  • Padar Island

Pada island is one of islands in the vicinity of komodo islands. This island is beautifull island with row of hiils on the lands. Pada island also have unique shape that make you can give you the best scenery when sunset and sunrise.

  • Manta Rays Point

For you who love underwater adventure, you can make your boat stop by at manta rays point. In this place, you can go dive underwater to adventure beautiful underwater with many manta rays. This place is best to visit when manta rays are on migration.

  • Kanawa Island

Kanawa island is beautiful island with beautiful coral reef on the coastline. If manta rays point is the best place to dive underwater, this kanawa island is the best place to snorkling and enjoying beautiful coral with many small fishes species.

  • Pink Beach

Pink Beach is beautiful beach with pink sands all over the coastline. This beautiful beach is the best place to stop by and rest on your sailing. With it’s beautiful beach, you can do a lot of fun and interseting activities.

Adventure sailing in komodo islands indonesiawill give you journey experience that will be memorable for you. You can do many interesting things in komodo island, you can experience classic sailing adventure, stop by at many beautiful place, and many other. Make your time on travel have more meaningful by experience an unforgetable and wonderful adventure at komodo island.